Travelling By Cargo Ship

“They found a dead body in the bushes.” This somewhat weird text message from home reached me while I was sailing on a container vessel on the Baltic Sea.

Two hours later, I received the following text message: “Neighbour’s mother-in-law deceased.”

Just to be perfectly clear: the authorities did find a body in my hometown, but it wasn’t that of the mother-in-law.

Travelling With A Cargo Vessel

How did I end up on that cargo ship in the first place, you may ask? My intention to travel with a cargo or container vessel had already existed for a long time. A sightseeing tour in the port of Antwerp a few years ago made this desire grow stronger. In that ensuing period, I contacted several of the port’s major shipping companies, asking them if I could join them on a round trip. It was anything but a success. I waited for an answer for weeks. I did send some reminders, but unfortunately I got no responses either.

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Sony RX100 III

Sony RX100 III

When I booked an adventurous journey through Tibet in 2013, I abandoned my comfort zone and decided to bring along only one camera: the Sony RX100 II. I was somewhat reluctant to let go of my trusted Fuji mirrorless camera system, however, both during that trip and afterward, I didn’t regret my decision for one second. You can still check out that review here: One Month In Tibet With The Sony RX100 II.

Last summer, Sony announced its successor, the RX100 III. The previous model is still very suitable as a travel camera. However, Sony introduced a number of interesting new features. On the other hand, it’s regrettable that some issues weren’t solved, and several useful features are still missing.

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Mask It Like a Pro: The Complete Guide to Layer Masking in Photoshop

Photographer and teacher Klaus Herrmann published the video tutorial Mask It Like a Pro: The Complete Guide to Layer Masking in Photoshop.

In this six-hour training you will learn how to create simple and complex selections in Adobe Photoshop, and how to further post-process your images using layers and layer masks. The highlight of this course aims at the creation of accurate selections and the different techniques that exist within Photoshop.

This tutorial contains several exercise files (jpeg and psd), and a Photoshop Action Script.

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eBooks/Books, Tutorials/Workflow

Understanding Post-Processing. Making the Most of Your Images in Adobe Lightroom 5

Earlier this year, travel and documentary photographer Mitchell Kanashkevich released Understanding Post-Processing: The Video Series. Making the Most of Your Images in Adobe Lightroom 5.

I got to know Mitchell’s work just over five years ago after reading an article on David duChemin’s blog. His first eBook was called Understanding Post-Processing and contained very practical information on how to post-process your images using Lightroom. In this first excellent publication, he gave us the opportunity to look over his shoulder as he applied techniques and functionalities within Lightroom to enhance his images. It certainly was one of the better eBooks I have bought back then. Since then, Mitchell has published several other eBooks, some of them in collaboration with Digital Photography School. Later, he launched Eyevoyage, a new company he co-founded, which also publishes his new and future eBooks and videos.

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