Travelling By Cargo Ship

“They found a dead body in the bushes.” This somewhat weird text message from home reached me while I was sailing on a container vessel on the Baltic Sea.

Two hours later, I received the following text message: “Neighbour’s mother-in-law deceased.”

Just to be perfectly clear: the authorities did find a body in my hometown, but it wasn’t that of the mother-in-law.

Travelling With A Cargo Vessel

How did I end up on that cargo ship in the first place, you may ask? My intention to travel with a cargo or container vessel had already existed for a long time. A sightseeing tour in the port of Antwerp a few years ago made this desire grow stronger. In that ensuing period, I contacted several of the port’s major shipping companies, asking them if I could join them on a round trip. It was anything but a success. I waited for an answer for weeks. I did send some reminders, but unfortunately I got no responses either.

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Sony RX100 III

Sony RX100 III

When I booked an adventurous journey through Tibet in 2013, I abandoned my comfort zone and decided to bring along only one camera: the Sony RX100 II. I was somewhat reluctant to let go of my trusted Fuji mirrorless camera system, however, both during that trip and afterward, I didn’t regret my decision for one second. You can still check out that review here: One Month In Tibet With The Sony RX100 II.

Last summer, Sony announced its successor, the RX100 III. The previous model is still very suitable as a travel camera. However, Sony introduced a number of interesting new features. On the other hand, it’s regrettable that some issues weren’t solved, and several useful features are still missing.

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