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Building Dreams: An Introduction

Building Dreams

I’m currently preparing a lead-in article for my blog. It’s about a personal project I have been working on for quite some time now. The project is about my hometown and the surrounding districts’ environmental planning. The town is situated to the south of Brussels and has always been highly industrialized. At the end of the 20th century, the industry in the area was declining, which led to lots of abandoned factory buildings. These days, the industry is mainly active in the distribution of goods while some of the heavier industry has faded away.

Despite the presence of all these factories, my hometown has always been located in a rather rural setting. The last few years, however, it appears to have become one giant industrial area, whereby nature is suppressed in order for the industry to expand. The ever-changing landscape has an impact on several levels, which I will discuss in more detail in this upcoming article.

The working title is called Building Dreams and is inspired by a caption I found on a building contractor’s advertising board. However, Surrounded by Concrete could also be a very suitable title.

To be continued…

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The Creation of my Photo Story

After reading Daniel Milnor’s blog at Smogranch, I decided to repost this article from my own archive.

For several years, I documented the life of my grandmother. It was a long-term personal project that I started in August 2008. During the last few years, several deaths occured in our family from which my grandmother never recovered. At the same time, she gradually started to suffer from short-term memory loss and as a result, she was losing her grip on reality. My grandmother passed away on January 5, 2012.

To show you how I select and arrang images in order to obtain a smaller selection for my final photo story, I created this short timelapse video. I can arrange the images in Lightroom as well, but the approach I show you allows me to keep a clear overwiew, which is not always possible on a computer screen as you are limited to the size of the screen. In my studio I have several walls at my disposal so I can split different parts of my story onto different walls. When I work on multiple projects I can assign each story to another wall.

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