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Preview: Workshop with David Alan Harvey. Day of the Dead, Oaxaca, Mexico.

From October 28 till November 5, I attended a workshop in Mexico with Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey. The goal was to document the streets of Oaxaca and the various festivities and celebrations surrounding Day of the Dead, a holiday celebrated all week long with a climax on October 31 and November 1. Or as David describes it: You should know going in that my intent is to take you from where you are as a photographer to your logical or aesthetic “next step” with the emphasis on becoming an essayist and communicating with true “visual literacy”. Also check his Magnum-profile and BURN Magazine.

Oaxaca workshop with David Alan Harvey

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Duckrabbit Multimedia Storytelling Workshop

“Everyone is playing a game with the audience. If you don’t, you are dead in the water.”

Recently I attended a multimedia storytelling workshop in London, organized by Duckrabbit, a multimedia production company. The following statement comes from their website (used with permission) as I can’t describe it any better: “We work with documentary audio, still photography and video to make compelling film and audio narratives for commercial, charity and broadcast clients. We also train photographers, videographers, journalists and communications professionals in audio-visual storytelling and online strategic communications.”

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International Photography Workshops

Last summer, I signed up for a documentary photography workshop in Rwanda, organised by VII, a collective of photojournalists. We were guided by Marcus Bleasdale and Gary Knight, two photographers working for VII. The success of international photography workshops has significantly increased over the last few years. Despite this success, it remains difficult to find helpful reviews and testimonials. I wrote an article on this topic for Shoot, a Belgian photography magazine. The current issue which features my article is available in stores across Belgium and The Netherlands.


Portfolio Review With Ami Vitale

As part of my continuous improvement with my photography, I decided to enroll in a portfolio review with Ami Vitale. She is known for her cultural and documentary photography, and her images have appeared in National Geographic, Time, Newsweek, The New York Times and many other international publications. During the past decade her name also appeared regularly in the top three of several subcategories in the World Press Photo. In addition, she organizes workshops on photojournalism and multimedia, and she is often invited as a guest speaker.

My grandmother Germaine

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