Photography Links March 2014

My monthly list of photography links to articles, photo essays and reviews I find interesting, inspiring and worthwhile to read.

– Zack Arias: DEDPXL Dispatch Dubai
“Keep working. Keep doing what you are doing. Keep transmitting signal even when you think no one is listening. Keep getting better. Be driven even when it’s dark. Stop the pity parties and get to work.”

– Steven Pressfield: Writing Wednesdays – Keep gnawing
“What happens to us if we don’t pursue our dreams?”

– Luminous Landscape: What Matters
“It doesn’t matter what camera you have if your photography has nothing worthwhile to say.”

– David DuChemin: Chains All The Same
“We keep buying stuff we don’t need, purchasing against our future, in hopes it’ll get better. It usually doesn’t. And still we have too much stuff.”

– David DuChemin: Fill Your Canvas
“Fear is a junk artist. It creates something of our lives that we never intended, molds us into the same mediocre shape as everyone else. And like any artist, it asks What if… with alarming frequency.”

– Smogranch, Daniel Milnor: Dosage
“The truly elite in my mind are NOT sharing every moment of every day and begging for attention. The elite are making work; real, honest, deep work and they are waiting like a visual virus. They are waiting for that work to be complete. They are editing, they are sequencing and they are packaging. They are waiting for the moment when humanity, NOT just the choir, is ready is receive and then they make their move.”

– Smogranch, Daniel Milnor: The Social Photographer
“Instead of reading or talking or browsing the world they find themselves sitting at a dinner party reaching for their phone to check their Facebook page. They mumble through their conversation. They seem distracted, agitated because they can’t focus on ANYTHING. Their thumb moves up and down, trained to flick at content like a nervous tick. Their vocabulary suddenly takes on things like “wow,” “amazing” and “unreal”, words now firmly planted in their brains from their social feedback, words used to deflect conversation because they weren’t really paying attention in the first place.”

– Smogranch, Daniel Milnor: The Pipeline
“Over the past few weeks I’ve been contacted by several folks who are searching for greatness, but they have all realized that scouring the web for good photography isn’t helping them. The pipeline is putting so much content in front of them it is not possible for them to consume it all.”

– Smogranch, Daniel Milnor: Eighty-One Above the Fold: A Love Letter to Journalism

– Smogranch, Daniel Milnor: I Like Old
“68,484. The number of views for Sebastiao Salgado’s TED Talk. Can you guess what these numbers correspond to? 305,482 – 363,366 – 402,343 – 652,118. Yep, you guessed it. Camera reviews.”

– TIME Lightbox: Photojournalism Links March 2014 Part 1 & Part 2

– TIME: World Trade Center: How New York rebuilt the tallest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere

– TIME: The Making of the One World Trade Center Panorama

A Little History of Photography Criticism; or, Why Do Photography Critics Hate Photography?
An excerpt from the book “The Cruel Radiance Photography and Political Violence” (Susie Linfield)

– British Journal of Photography: Getty Images makes 35 million images free in fight against copyright infringement

– British Journal of Photography: Everything you should know about Getty Images’ new embed feature, which will make 35 million of its images free for all non-commercial uses

– Photo Business Forum: Monetizing Getty’s 35M Image Archive via FREE Editorial Uses

The Impact of the Eddie Adams Workshop – 20 Years Later

The Photographers’ Gallery staff suggest their top 10 photography blogs

– Forbes: This Photographer Just Made $15K In One Day On Instagram

– New York Times: An Inside View of Arab Photography

– New York Times: Empowering Photographers to Embrace an Uncertain Future

– New York Times: Questions About News Photographers in Syria Arise After Freelancer’s Death

– Disphotic, Lewis Bush: The Proxy Journalists of a Proxy War

– Disphotic, Lewis Bush: Vivian Maier and the Photograph in the Age of Narcissism

First draft of Jack Kerouac’s “Introduction” for Robert Frank’s The Americans, 1957

– The Guardian: Nan Goldin: “I wanted to get high from a really early age”

– Vice: Interview with Magnum Photographer Michael Christopher Brown

– Stephen Mayes reflects on the radically shifting terrain of documentary photography: Toward A New Documentary Expression

– Conscientious, Joerg Colberg: Meditations on Photographs: A woman sits for a final photograph with her dying mother by Eduard Méhomé

– The Aubergine Coat, Merel Bem: Photo Collectives Are The Bloody Future

– Flixelpix, David Cleland: Review Fujifilm X-T1

– The Digital Trekker, Matt Brandon: Review: Fujifilm Instax Share SP-1 SmartPhoto Printer

– Ray Larose: Thinning Gear

Flying the world’s fastest plane: Behind the stick of the SR-71

Art Of The Title: True Detective

– Faded And Blurred: Religion And Refineries: True Detective Opening Titles

Miles And Miles of No Man’s Land

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